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Education is King


Is it possible to live a life of no regrets? I don't think so. When I look back on my life there are many things that I wish I would've done and many that I wish I would've done differently. At the same time, I look at what I have today and I am grateful. Grateful for the path that brought me to where I am today. With that said, I am happy about where I am. Is it a perfect life? Not by any means. Are there challenges? Of course. The more important question...

12Twelve12 - The Mark

There has to be some type of omen associated with 12/12/12. I know - I am hoping it brings good luck to Ikuna Apparel in the near future and for years to come. 

It took me a very long time to finally decide on a logo to use for this line. You can ask my wife and kids how much time I spent trying to figure it out. You can even ask my brothers how many versions and revisions we have gone through. I am sure they are all happy that I finally settled on one. It's...