Don't Talk About It, Be About It

This is a phrase that I've heard long ago. Don't even know where it came from but I'm sure it was born on the streets or on a playground somewhere either before a fight or before some sort of competition. That's how it was used where I come from. You can hear it right? "Don't talk about it be about it punk!" I use the word "Punk" for this illustration but you and I both know that's a very nice word compared to what is really used. 

The phrase cannot be misinterpreted. It cannot be misunderstood. Simple words but the meaning is real...especially if you say it with your chest :) We've all been there before. We actually go there often. We have visions of success. We want to become actors and actresses so people can watch us on the big screen. We want to be that performer that brings people to their feet. Or that athlete that smashes a previous record. Or that scholar who earns a scholarship to go anywhere they want. Maybe a producer who sells a million records. A business owner with more customers than they can handle. Maybe it's just to be a better parent. A better friend. Maybe it's just to be able to provide the next meal. Maybe it's just to be able to have all of the laundry done before it's time to do it again. We are all at different places in our lives. We can't really say that one goal is above any of the others. We all shoot for different stars. 

Why is it then so hard for us to turn those visions into realities? I believe we end up talking ourselves out of it before we even begin. Sound familiar? I bet it does. We let discouragement, setbacks, and perceived obstacles stand in our way. Don't get me wrong, those things exist. But probably not to the extent we make them out to be. We end up finding more excuses to outweigh the benefits of pursuing our dream and we slowly convince ourselves that where we are is about the best we can be. Don't believe it!

We were destined for greatness. Something inside of us wills us to win. We just have to take the first step. We've had those feelings before. Those feelings of victory over an obstacle. Victory over a hard task we thought was impossible to complete. Victory over an opponent we thought was unbeatable. Victory over a personal struggle we thought was too much to handle. We've been there. Take a second to remember...yup, that one. Remember how it felt and what it took to get there? Just rinse and repeat. Well, maybe not so easy but we know what it takes. A simple phrase but powerful...Don't Talk About It, Be About it. 

Overcome. Achieve. IKUNA. 


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