12Six12 - The Launch

The word launch has many meanings. For this brand, I will use the definitions best suited for the occasion. To set going or to initiate; to introduce to the public or to the market; to begin or embark on a new venture or phase. Last but definitely not least, to enter into something enthusiastically. Maybe more appropriately stated - to plunge into something new. I would say that sums it up quite nicely. 

The idea of IKUNA came about many years ago. For several reasons I've procrastinated the start for one reason or another. No time, no money, it's not going to work, etc. All of the insecurities of starting a new business is a bit scary. The risks, the possibilities of disappointment, etc. The list goes on. For those of you who have thought about it, done it, and experienced those things I've stated above understand the fear of plunging into a new business. It's scary but I'm gonna do it! Scared and all. That fear has now turned into excitement and I am happy to have made the decision to move on those ideas and visions for this brand and line that have been bottled up for so many years. 

I look forward to sharing with you my story, our story, The IKUNA story. I also look forward to hearing about your stories, your IKUNA story. 

Overcome. Achieve. IKUNA.

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  • Thanks Steve. I appreciate it. It’s a bit scary but we are excited to take this new venture head on. I will ask Sherry about the printers. If you can, please forward their info to our email address Take care and thank you for stopping by.

    • ikunaapparel
  • Congratulations !
    Are you printing your shirts yourselves ? Local ? The folks I introduced Sherry to in October own the largest shirt printing operation in the State of Iowa. Maybe you need them ?
    Best of luck with the new venture.

    • steve estes