New Line Dropping October 2023

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The fact that this isn't her first time running for 24 hours straight on a treadmill should already tell you a lot about Emily. This in fact is her second time around. The first time she accomplished such a feat was about two years ago. She ran for The Soujourner Center in Phoenix, AZ to raise funds and awareness for the thousands of women and children who are affected by domestic violence. She is probably one of the most physically fit individuals you might ever meet...

Will Hopoate - Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

What is your desire?

Desire can be defined as the longing for a person, object, or hoping for an outcome. I want to focus on hoping for an outcome. If you were hoping for a post on those other kinds of ‘desires’ you will have to look elsewhere :)

When the thought of IKUNA came up years ago, it was all based on hope. Thinking about the road already traveled and the road that is left to travel inspired my hope, increased my desire, and my motivation. We're making progress one step at a time. A few items...

Re-write The Rules

I watched the promo video for JayZ’s upcoming album release Magna Carta about a week or so ago. As you may have heard, Magna Carta was released to one million Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners for free on July 4th at 12:01. As a hip-hop fan I am lightweight jealous that I don’t have a Samsung Galaxy. That’s okay. I’ll just listen to the leaks online and wait to download it in a few short days to my “not so cool” iPhone.

Since the release of Reasonable Doubt in 1996, JayZ has been re-creating himself...

I AM IKUNA - A Grass Roots Effort

As a follow-up to my last post, I mentioned that we would organize an opportunity to help encourage and motivate our young people. It was important for us to share a message of pursuing dreams and utilizing their talents to fulfill their goals. Our young people are very talented and it is important for them to realize that they can succeed despite the challenges they face in today's world. 

When discussing how we might be able to do this, the ideas quickly became many and the positive energy made it...