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Am I My Brother's Keeper?

In a world laced with selfishness, this is a refreshing example of the exact opposite. A great story about two brothers, sacrifice, and their love for one another. You may have seen this over the past couple of weeks. Stories like this deserve to be shared. Check out their recent interview on the Ellen Show.

Thank you for sharing the love boys.

Overcome. Achieve. Victory. IKUNA.

Education - Opportunity or Expectation?

As immigrants to this country, my parents always made it a point to remind us kids how easy we had it. I can imagine that we've all had that conversation. Now my children are the recipients of the famous speech that always begins with "You know when I was your age..." As a child and even into my youth, our family would take trips back to the islands so that we could see for ourselves how lucky we truly were to call the U.S. our home. Those experiences and memories have...


The fact that this isn't her first time running for 24 hours straight on a treadmill should already tell you a lot about Emily. This in fact is her second time around. The first time she accomplished such a feat was about two years ago. She ran for The Soujourner Center in Phoenix, AZ to raise funds and awareness for the thousands of women and children who are affected by domestic violence. She is probably one of the most physically fit individuals you might ever meet...