108.88 Miles On a Treadmill for Charity

A week ago today Emily completed her 108.88 mile treadmill run for Effect International and their efforts for education in India. It's taken me this long to finally wrap my head around what happened during those 22 hours. Much kudos to Effect and Rally for putting on such an organized and successful event. IKUNA is certainly grateful for the opportunity we were given to be part of something much bigger than ourselves.

After sifting through the many snapshots we had, I thought it would be fun to pick out the photos that reflected the most accurate timeline from the beginning to the end. Rather than a 15 second IG video, we compiled them into a video slideshow for your enjoyment. Hit that play button for 108.88 miles/22.24 hours in about 4 minutes...

Many of you have already expressed your feelings about this event and the impact it had on you - I believe those feelings are mutual between us all. I won't say too much more about it but that it is definitely one of those experiences that helps us realize that we are capable of doing things much much bigger than we believe we are capable of doing. It was both humbling and motivating. Thank you for allowing us to participate in an event that showed how we can truly use our talents to bless the lives of others. As of today, I believe we have raised over $20K for these efforts.

You may have seen #iamikuna through social media. You will begin to see more of it. The word IKUNA means VICTORY and the story behind #iamikuna is the ability to push ourselves to overcome and to achieve no matter what. It's that unexplainable power inside of us we can access that wills us to accomplish those difficult challenges we each face. We are IKUNA. Emily is a great example of IKUNA and what we represent and we are happy to have been there to participate every step of the way. Much love to all of you who we met and worked with throughout the event. See ya'll on the flipside.

So what's next for Emily? You'll just have to wait and see...#iamikuna

Learn more about Effect International and their efforts at www.effect.org

Learn more about Rally at rally.org about how they can help with your fundraising efforts.

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  • Amazing. Thanks for sharing and capturing so many moments. Cheers to all involved.

    • Pavement Runner
  • Awesome, simply awesome!

    • Evie