IKUNA Apparel Showing in Oakland, CA...

You can only read so many business articles, magazines, and listen to successful entrepreneurs tell their stories. Their stories vary but the underlying theme is always the same...had the guts to do it, hard work, consistency, never give up. I challenge anyone out there to show me a successful individual who did not possess each of these traits. There are many others out there but these seem to be the most common. 
We launched IKUNA apparel back in December of last year. An idea that was always there but I just wasn't quite sure how to do it. I put it off for years hoping there would be a perfect time. But like many of life's decisions, there is never a perfect time. We launched our site with a few samples and to our surprise we sold just about all of what we had. We just launched our Spring/Summer pieces and we are excited for the future...but there are challenges. 
Without deep budgets it is difficult to get the exposure we need in order to grow. It is the nature of business. No marketing, no business. We appreciate those of you who continue to support our small venture and follow us via our social medial channels. An online presence can only get us so far until we've built a name and a brand. We're still working on that. I look up to many of the up and coming brands who hit the streets to make a name for themselves. They sell on the streets, out of their trunks, at fairs, festivals, and other events. In short, IKUNA has to hit the streets as well. We will pick a few events to introduce our apparel and share our vision regarding IKUNA. We will start small and go from there. 

First up...
NORCAL Rugby Sevens
Friday May 24, 2013
Raimondi Field
Middle 18th St & Wood St
Oakland, CA

It will be fun event. Come enjoy the rugby and pick up some IKUNA gear. We are excited and hope to see you there. Swing by and say hello. We look forward to meeting you.

Overcome.Achieve.Victory. IKUNA

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  • couple of questions would help the aneirswng process… what weather is this intended for? Warm spring parka – Nigel for sure.Cold- YMC…Price an issue?Also, the Nigel is pretty much sold out and the YMC is only availible in Medium…Might be a difficult choice…Maybe a lightweight blazer or something if those are both gone… the parkas will be back in stores for FW11 in about 2-3 months….

    • Somanna
  • There’s a store in my town that have both of them in stock, and price is not really an issue. The whtaeer is pretty much the same year round in here, kind of cold 62 F in average. We get some sunny days in this time of the year, but most of the days are rather of rainy or cloudy. I think he will use it as a usual jacket, in his everyday rotation.

    • Ramesh