The 2013 Spring/Summer Release


Before anything, I wanted to wish my son a happy birthday. He is a handsome, humble, and very talented young man. He is my ride or die whenever I need him. He is also quick to model because he likes to get all the new gear. He is quickly figuring out that people actually get paid to do what he willingly does for me at any given moment. He is the life of our home and always keeps us on our toes. He is a NBA hopeful and the treat master of our home. If you need treats he will either pull some out of his secret stash or find some of what the others are hiding in the house. Just remember that with enough hard work you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. I am grateful for what you bring to our family and love you for who you are. Happy Birthday son! We celebratin'

Now, back to our normally scheduled program...It might not be a big deal to you but this project turned business is something that has become quite personal. It was personal prior to the inception of the idea and will continue to be long after. In business, they say not to become emotionally attached; to be ready to move on to the next thing. How can that be when the idea for this business was based on something emotional? IKUNA is based on emotion. The passion, the drive, and the ability to overcome and achieve.  The anxiety and fear of failure is emotional. The progress towards achieving a goal we've worked so hard on is emotional. Failure is emotional. Victory is emotional.

With our 2013 Spring/Summer release we are excited! We put a lot of effort into the items you see on our site We would wear every single one of those pieces. We added new tees, women's tees, sweatshirt, and a couple of hoodies.Even though the others don't specifically say women's tees on them they will look good on you :) We love them and we hope you do as well.

A question I often ask myself is, what is IKUNA really about? Is it about clothes? I say yes and no. Yes, because the word IKUNA and the logo reminds me of the emotion I mentioned above. Hopefully you feel the same way. No, because it is much bigger than clothes. To me it is a way of living. A basis to which one can always remember that there is something inside of us that can help up us reach what we think, have thought, and continue to think is unattainable. When we as individuals finally have the courage and confidence to believe that we are capable of so much more, we will be amazed at what we can accomplish. That's emotional. 

IKUNA apparel is our springboard for the future; an opportunity to help each of us realize our potential. We look forward to that.

As a thank you for following us, please use one of the promo codes above when making a purchase. As always, thank you for your support and stay tuned for updates regarding what we are up to. Let us know how we're doing. Drop us a line, follow us on IG, or comment. We'd love to hear from you.

Much love -

Overcome. Achieve. Victory. IKUNA.

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  • Do you have fitted hats as well as snapback?

    • Margaret