March Madness bracket busted already? Yup.


March madness is in full swing and by now most of our brackets are busted. If not, you are one of the lucky ones. For as long as I have been filling out brackets, this year seems more unpredictable than previous years. I like it that way because it’s always nice to see Goliath fall to David from time to time. Well, they may not all be Goliaths but they are well known programs. Let’s see…Pitt, Kansas St, Notre Dame, UCLA, Georgetown, UNLV and others all out after their first game in the tourney. Gonzaga is done too! Not to mention Kentucky who went into the NIT as the #1 seed and was ousted in their first game. Since when did the defending national champs play in the NIT the following year? I don’t know but that just doesn’t seem right.

 Are other programs getting better? Did the talent pool get bigger? Or did the players who were overlooked by the national powerhouses decide that we will no longer get pushed around by Goliath anymore? If you’ve been paying attention Florida Golf Coast University is causing a media firestorm by beating Georgetown and San Diego State to get to the Sweet 16. A few facts about FGCU: - They are the first 15th seed to make it to the sweet 16 of the tournament - Classes were first held in 1997 making each player on the squad older than the school - The first basketball team from the school hit the court in 2002. Crazy! It is the Cinderella story of the year. It’s exciting to watch the underdogs sit these teams down one by one. I hope they keep winning. Will they win the championship this year? Possible but not probable. I hope they pull it off.  

There is something to be said about how we view ourselves. Are you confident or hesitant? Do you make things happen or do you wait for things to happen? Do you innovate or procrastinate? Are you a trend setter or do you have your head down blindly following? Do you accept limitations or do you navigate through them?   

Now is the time to blaze your own trails and follow your dreams. Forget the status quo and create a new reality that breaks down the perceived barriers that hold us back. It was best said by the coach of the Florida Golf Coast University basketball team after they introduced Georgetown to ‘Dunk City’ in their first game…”I told my players that when they step on the floor with Georgetown, you will realize shortly after the game begins that you are just as good as they are.” 


They believed it, and now so do we. 

Overcome. Achieve. Victory. IKUNA

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