When I first saw the movie trailer I was immediately drawn to it. Why? Maybe it was the ocean…yeah probably. The movie Kon-Tiki is a true story about a scientist who sets out to prove that the Polynesian Islands were settled from South America rather than from Asia. There are many theories out there as to how these lands were settled and this theory is just as compelling.

I watched it for the first time a couple of days ago and while watching the film my mind would drift in and out of thought to those that traveled the open waters without fear; also to those who blaze trails with nothing but curiosity, confidence and conviction. I found myself rewinding the movie in several minute segments because I was thinking about all the excuses I make that prevent me from achieving.  If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out. It’s inspiring.

Like them, many of us have dreams, ambitions, and goals. The path of life takes us on detours and we get sidetracked. Sometimes we never make it back to the path we started on and then we make excuses as to why we never achieved what we dreamed of. No matter how far off that path we are, it’s not too late to work towards that goal that seems so far off now. (This is a good place to insert disclaimer for us old folks...high school sports or goals that have age restrictions like American Idol and beauty pageants are not included.  I can’t list them all but you know what I’m talkin’ 'bout. We all can’t run around like Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite seeking a time machine to take us back in time to do what we wished we did back then :) For you young ones though – go get it!

Like the story of Kon-Tiki, I believe we are naturally inclined to be great; to defy odds. Rather than fighting through we are often held back by the fear of failure and what others might say about our dreams. I say chase those dreams and hurdle those obstacles along the way. One of my favorite lines from the movie “I will prove that the oceans were not barriers, but roads; not impediments, but pathways…” Our potential is far greater than we know.

Overcome. Achieve. Victory. IKUNA 

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  • Sounds good, where can you get this movie?

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