The Poly Movement

Over the past couple of years the term ‘Poly Movement’ or ‘Polynesian Movement’ has been used quite a bit. Hashtags, taglines, and all methods of distribution are used to spread this message; a message to indicate that Polynesians are on the move.

The reason I write about this particular topic is because we speak of the Poly Movement as if it started yesterday. Honestly, it might even bother me a little that many of us might think that. The fact is, the Polynesian Movement started many years ago. Our ancestors and parents began this movement. They knew in their hearts that there was more out there for their families and they were willing to sacrifice to provide better opportunities for them. Wherever it was we ended up…Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Europe, Asia…or maybe we never even left those tiny islands. Doesn’t matter where we are, the successes we enjoy today are proof of the sacrifices that were made. How we chose or how we choose to take advantage of those opportunities…well, that’s entirely up to us, up to you. It is now the future of your families that depend on your decisions and sacrifices…and Polynesian doesn’t have anything to do with that.

Truth is, if you think this movement just started, you are mistaken. We’ve been in the mix for many years and I can confidently say that we will continue to be in the mix for years to come. We are more in numbers outside of those tiny islands than we are in them. Let’s continue to carry those dreams forward.

I have much pride in our people and the accomplishments we’ve made thus far and continue to make. We have accomplished individuals in every aspect of today’s world. Education, Medicine, Entertainment, Arts, Athletics, Law, Religion, Business, Military, Government, etc. Thank you to the pioneers who were trailblazers and pathfinders for the rest of us in those respective fields when people said you couldn’t make it. For those of us who are still on that journey pursuing those dreams, thank you for representing us and bringing to light the pride that you have in our people, our culture, our heritage. We are all behind you 100%. 

In conclusion, don’t get it twisted…I am all for the Poly Movement. It just didn’t start yesterday. It’s been a long journey to where we are today and we have much more to go.  Much love to those of you who are pushing that message forward.  The next time you hear Poly Movement think about this…this thing ain’t just started…we been here. If you didn’t know, you better axe somebody.

Ovecome. Achieve. Victory. IKUNA

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  • I loved this!!! My kids are mixed half Samoan and if it weren’t for their grandparents taking a chance and making a sacrifice, I wouldn’t have them today! Even tho I am no longer with their father I still have heaps of respect and lobe for him and my children’s family;)
    Thanks for sharing!

    • KeLLie Roberts