All Big Things Start Small

To much of our surprise, what was supposed to be our sample line and 'test' items turned out to be well accepted. As a matter of fact, the first run is just about gone. It is overwhelming to think that something that started as a small idea has caught a little bit of traction and attention. When we launched the site not even a month ago, many of you visited and gave your well wishes. You quickly followed @ikunaapparel on Facebook and are now slowly trickling on to Instagram and Twitter. Who can even keep up with all of that social media?We are definitely trying to keep you posted with our ongoing activities through these channels? If you have any ideas as to be more efficient through social media PLEASE share! 

One thing we did anticipate was that initially we would make more sales via in person than on the site. This is true. Many of you who know us on a personal level and even some who don't didn't make purchases through the site. Instead we hit the streets while out and about and either delivered or met up somewhere to make the exchanges. Yeah, it's not going to be the most efficient or cost effective way but it's always fun to meet you and thank you in person. 

Lastly, I've attached here the list of 6 tees that were released just a month ago. They are almost gone. We are curious as to which one was your favorite? Also, which of the 6 should be included in the upcoming official release and which tees should be gone forever. We would love to hear your thoughts to know we are moving in the right direction. What would you like to see? Have any ideas? Leave us a comment, let us know what you think. Don't worry, our predictions were way off and we will not be offended. You will make us better....okay enough talking. 

Not enough thank yous to show our appreciation. Sincerely...thank you. 

Overcome. Achieve. IKUNA.

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