Sometimes we have to take a step back...

A few months ago life took us for a bit of a ride. I have a heart full of gratitude along with a reaffirmed appreciation for the precious gift of life. I am thankful to the many of you who said prayers on our behalf and provided the needed support during that difficult time.Thank you.

It's easy to forget that there are more important things in life than what may seem important at the time. It only takes a quick reminder to put things back into perspective. They say when stuff gets crazy that the best and most beneficial thing to do is to take a step back - that's what we did.

We've reassessed and have better perspective. We have a greater sense of motivation and look forward to the direction we are moving. Along the way, we'll not forget those precious things we often times neglect and take for granted in pursuit of things that pretend to bring long term happiness. 

We just released our new items and we hope you like them.

Overcome. Achieve. Victory. IKUNA. 

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  • that is a great tip. I did not know that you can link to the best part of the video. wonder if there is soemthing similar to make the video autoplay when you put it as the featured video in your channel.

    • Sischa
  • im going to have to test this, but from the sounds of it i can use annoattions to link a viewer from one scene in a video letting them choose a path which could be two different times, the story can change and bring them back and forth through out the video making for a more interactive experience? woo hoo

    • Geremi
  • I am glad for you (guys) and happy that you’ve found a good place in your life at the moment. I can truly appreciate what you guys stand for and the sense of life you breathe into your products. Love love what they stand for. I’m getting some new gear now =). Stay blessed stay fierce.

    • The Silent Assassin